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Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D., President of Advantage Leadership, Inc. works with leaders that have a strong vision and want to turn that vision into a reality with bottom-line results. Rebecca works with companies and individuals to implement the leadership system of the U.S. founding fathers and successful contemporary leaders.

Let me share the insights of these extraordinary leaders with you as our team works with you to improve:

  • Bottom-line performance
  • Employee engagement and productivity
  • Customer relationships
  • Business process performance
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Foreign Governments Plot against U.S… Credit Crunch Expands…Foreclosures Increase …Inflation Rampant…Violence Spreads…

Today's headlines? No! America…in 1787. In today's chaotic times, you face many of the same challenges the U.S. founders overcame. The fate of your company is in your hands, just as the fate of the country was in the capable hands of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison.

The real crisis today? We lack strategic leadership… Find strategic leadership guidance you can use to overcome today's challenges

Conventional Wisdom — Successful strategic leaders combine vision and execution...

  • Get stunning results with George Washington's leadership secrets
  • Accomplish the impossible -- Unleash your Madison Factor
  • Adapt strategies of extraordinary Fortune 500 executives
  • Improve the bottom-line with energized, engaged employees
  • Achieve success executing a robust, visionary, practical plan

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Keynote Addresses

  • Conventional Wisdom
    Improve the bottom line using successful strategies of contemporary leaders and Constitutional framers

  • Stop fighting fires and get outrageous improvement
    Get significant cost savings and happy customers with strategic leadership

  • What do you mean, a paycheck isn't a motivator?
    Get consistent, predictable results with engaged employees

  • For college audiences: Are you the next Thomas Jefferson?
    Fulfill your potential with tips from the founding fathers' college days
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